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    In order for Rainwater Harvesting Ltd to attend and complete works within an occupied home during the COVID 19 pandemic, this form must be completed prior and returned to

    Have you or a member of your family experienced any symptoms of Covid-19, within the last 14 days?

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    Have you or a member of your family been in any location designated as a risk by the Government or Public Health England?

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    Have you or a member of your family been in
    direct contact with or in the vacinity of any person idenitifed as a carrier or potential carrier of the Coronavirus?

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    All internal doors and windows are to be left open, where possible.

    All furniture and personal belongings must be removed from the room prior to our arrival.
    Please ensure all members of your household understand the importance of social distancing and hygiene measures prior to our operative arriving.

    Each of our Customer Care Operatives will be in possession of Covid-19 appropriate PPE, as well as hand sanitizer for their personal use. The operative will clean all surface areas in the room prior to them leaving and will take away any rubbish.

    Whilst Rainwater Harvesting Limited have taken every precaution to ensure your safety during our visit you must take full responsibility for your own protection and that of any family members and Stay Alert.

    If yourself, or another member of your family starts to show symptoms of Covid19 prior to your appointment, please contact us urgently.