Fitting Services to F-Line Tank

Once you have followed the F-Line tank installation guide and the tank is now in the ground with backfill up to the underside of the filter overflow / outlet pipe, please follow the guide below to install the pump and if you are installing a Direct Feed System, the Backup in a Box sensor cable.

The Service Pipe

On the side of the tank ( at 90 degrees to the filter inlet / outlet pipes ) you will see a hole marked up ‘Services’. The hole has a grommit acting as a seal and then a bung. The hole will act as the entry point for the services in and out of the tank.

* Remove the bung that is in the hole ensuring that the grommitt stays in place.

* Fit a 4″ drainage pipe through the hole, you may require some lubricant at the fitting will be tight.

* The 4″ drainage pipe will act as a conduit for the various pipes and cable that are required for the Rainwater Harvesting System

* The 4″ drainage pipe will then run back to the property or a t-piece can be used to enable you to run the rainwater supply to various parts of the property.

Fitting the Submersible Pump

A short piece of black and green pipe will have been supplied with your system. The length will depend on the size of tank you have purchased.

This piece of pipe is connected to the outlet of the Hydroforce Pump and then the 90 degrees right angle connector ( also supplied ) is fitted on the other end of the pipe.

The right angle connector should line up with the ‘services’ hole. Using the 25m length of Rainwater Harvesting black and green pipe you connect this to the connector and feed the pipe through the ‘services’ 4″  pipe back to the house.

You now have the feed from the pump back to the house or garden taps.

Power to the submersible pump

We recommend that you run the main power feed via an armoured cable through the service pipe and into the tank.

An IP 66 or higher rated electrical connection box can be fitted to the internal side of the turret of the tank. The connection box can be screwed to any suitable location on the shaft and we recommend you position it as high as possible.

The power cable from the Hydroforce Pump is also wired into the connection box. Removing the plug on the Hydroforce Pump DOES NOT invalidate the warranty.

Installing the Back up in a Box Sensor Cable

The backup in a box unit has a sensor cable that runs from the control unit to the underground tank. The control unit is located in the property.

Run the sensor cable through the ‘services’ 4″ drainage pipe into the underground tank. The sensor is then clipped onto the side of the calmed inlet pipe underneath the filter housing as shown in the picture.

Ensure the sensor is installed the correct way up i.e the cable is coming out of the top of the sensor.

How your tank set up should look