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Backup in a Box

Nothing is happening with the Backup in a Box

If you have installed the Backup in a Box as per the installation instructions and there is no life with the unit the please do the following : Check the power supply. Please remove the AC Power Adaptor from the wall plug socket and plug in a small electrical device like a phone charger or ...
Backup in a Box

Water is constantly flowing into the underground tank

If this is the first time that the unit has operated please note that the unit runs for approximately 45 minutes from when the water level is above the level switch. Check the float switch is operational To check to make sure that the float switch is operating correctly carry out the following operations : ...
Backup in a Box

Water is overflowing from the Backup in a Box

The solenoid valve in the Backup in a Box has a flow restrictor limiting the flow rate to 4 litres per minute. This means that you have a trickle of water moving through the unit to ensure that the water can escape through the outlet. If water is backing up the outlet pipe and overflowing ...